The performance of LIFE DrainRain pilots located in the seaport of Ferrol (Galicia) and RM-714 road of Calasparra (Murcia) has been evaluated since 2019 and 2020, respectively. For this end, samples have been taken periodically in different meteorological conditions, having information in both rainy and drought events. Moreover, the efficiency of each module in both pilots has been assessed in rainy days.

Both pilots (Ferrol and Calasparra) achieved good removal rates of the main pollutants evaluated. In the case of Ferrol, with more data available, high removals were observed for contaminants such as turbidity (>70-99%), COD (up to 99%), TSS (>60-99%), heavy metals (up to 99%), total coliforms (>99%) and E. coli (>99%).

In addition, the results obtained in both pilots have been reviewed according to Spanish Royal Decree 1620/2007 and Regulation (EU) 2020/741 which stablished the minimum requirements for water reuse. The data obtained over the validation period determined the feasibility of the LIFE DrainRain treated water for urban uses (street cleaning, green areas irrigation, etc.) in Ferrol and agricultural uses (crop irrigation) in Calasparra.

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