Ferrol Ria
(A Coruña- Northwest Spain)

About 40% of the Galician population (northwest of Spain) lives closed to the rias and an important fraction of the total industry activity are located along their margins, leading to an evident risk of contamination in these environments.

The Ferrol Ria is a semi-enclosed embayment which receiving inputs from industrial and urban effluents, trapping contaminants inside the bay such as Hg, Cu, Pb and Zn and nowadays is one of the most polluted location in the north according to the Spain by Spanish Oceanographic Institute (IEO).

Moreover, it is well known the important contribution of urban stormwater runoff in coast water pollution


(Murcia – Southeast Spain)

Calasparra is a region in the Southeast of Spain where physical water scarcity is of growing concern; an alluvial aquifer (Sinclinal of Calasparra) is used during drought periods to supply drinking water to 76 Segura river basin villages.
Additionally, precipitation usually occurs in the form of heavy rain events causing flooding .Furthermore, agriculture: fruit production and canning, as well as rice production, remains the most important industry, using an 81% of available water sources.