The LIFE DrainRain Project, funded by the European Commission under the “LIFE 2015: Environment and Resource Efficiency” programme, proposes an innovative approach to mitigate the environmental impact of runoff in water bodies by means of the combination of a photocatalytic porous pavement and a water treatment system. This new system will allow for storing this treated water, enabling a new source for reuse which is highly valuated on water scarce areas and regions.

The LIFE DrainRain project will implement 2 demonstrators on 2 very different locations. The first one will be constructed on an esplanade at the Inner Port of Ferrol (A Coruña, Spain) and the second one, on a hard-shoulder of a road in Calasparra (Murcia, Spain). This project has started on September of 2016 and it will be on execution until the end of the third trimester of 2020.

Each year the LIFE programme chooses the best environmental projects within the European Union, funding those project which the highest level of global impact and innovation.

The project consortium currently comprises the following entities: PROYFE (as project coordinator), Autoridad Portuaria de Ferrol – San Cibrao, CETIM, COPASA, and CYE Control y Estudios.