PROYFE is a Spanish full-service SME delivering consulting and engineering services for a wide range of activities in the construction field.

Mainly acting as project designers, Proyfe also provides field supervision, technical assistance and project management services in the areas of civil engineering, environment and industrial urbanization spanning transport planning, design and execution management of road infrastructures, railways, land development, ports and logistics, coastal engineering, water and sanitation. |


Control y Estudios S.L. (short name CyE) is a Spanish SME engineering firm and laboratory providing specialised services in the areas of engineering, geology and geotechnical engineering, as well as in providing quality control and technical support both in their own laboratories and in situ actions.

Assignments undertaken by CYE rely on a superb human team and the very latest technology available, using the most advanced techniques and the most sophisticated equipment. Combining extensive experience and a multidisciplinary approach with outstanding management skills, flexibility and effective action enables us to come up with solutions to clients’ problems and adapt rapidly to their needs. |


SA de Obras y Servicios, COPASA, the mother company of the Copasa Group, is a construction and services company founded in 1985 with presence in 16 countries over the world.

The wide experience acquired over more than 30 years of activity gives COPASA the capacity needed to undertake projects of all types – railway works, roads, water works, port works, public, residence and hospital buildings, maintenance of transport infrastructures, operation of water works, collection and handling of SUW, industrial activity, etc.

CETIM is an R&D+i private non-profit Technology Centre, which mission is to promote the research, technological development and innovation at different economic sectors and economic activities through its 4 knowledge areas: Environment, Advanced Materials,Industrial Development.


Other entities that are no longer part of the consortium

The Port Authority of Ferrol-San Cibrao (A.P.F.S.C.) is part of the network of ports of general interest, the coordination is carried out by the public authority State Ports (Puertos del Estado), it is under the Ministry of Development of the Government of Spain. A.P.F.S.C. administers ports of Ferrol and San Cibrao.

Port of Ferrol is located in the northwest of province A Coruña (Galicia), constant traffic of merchant, fishing and military ships and pleasure boats flows in Port of Ferrol. |

Other entities that are no longer part of the consortium


 VIAS is a construction company which belongs to the largest global group of services and construction (grupo ACS).Its main activity is the construction of major transport infrastructure projects (trains, railway and roads) also airports, hydraulic works, coastal works and ports, industrial and urban development works, environmental projects and residential building and no-residential building.

VIAS was part of the project consortium from September 1st, 2016 to May 25th, 2018. |