On December 21st came into force the addition to the LIFE DrainRain partnership of the company S.A. de Obras y Servicios, COPASA, which replaces the company VIAS Y CONSTRUCCIONES S.A in the consortium.

COPASA is a construction and services company founded in 1985 with presence in 16 countries over the world. The wide experience acquired by COPASA over more than 30 years provides them with the capacity needed to undertake projects of all types: railway works, roads, water works, port works, public, residence and hospital buildings, maintenance of transport infrastructures, operation of water works, collection and handling of municipal solid waste, etc.

Based on its proven technical capacity, COPASA will be responsible for Action B.2 “Construction and implementation of LIFE DrainRain pilots” and will collaborate in the development of the other project’s actions.

Finally, along with the partnership modification, the European Commission has accepted a request to extend the project duration by 15 months. Thus, the project will end in November 2020.

The LIFE DrainRain Project, funded by the European Commission under the “LIFE 2015: Environment and Resource Efficiency” programme, proposes an innovative approach to mitigate the environmental impact of runoff in water bodies by means of the combination of a photocatalytic porous pavement and a water treatment system. The project consortium is led by PROYFE, S.L., and the other beneficiaries are the AUTORIDAD PORTUARIA DE FERROL SAN CIBRAO, COPASA, CETIM and CYE CONTROL Y ESTUDIOS, S.L.

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